Our story

EPOS, an ancient Greek word meaning story.

EPOS design a fresh approach to independent architectural lighting design. We believe that every project has a story to tell and it is our role to realise this story with light in space.
EPOS design was founded in 2013 by Paul Ehlert and David Gilbey to be at the forefront of lighting international projects in a new and modern way. A multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual team – spread around the globe, with an open desire to collaborate with specialist designers, professionals or manufacturers.

Our main office is situated in Dornbirn/Austria, right in the heart of Europe. Our key markets are in DACH, UK, Scandinavia, The Middle East, North Africa and India, but we have also been assigned projects in the Americas and Asia.
We recognise that people of different countries and cultures will relate to light differently, and that it is essential to take into account local traditions in innovative lighting schemes that relate to the local environments.

Moreover, it is our deep desire to capture the essence of a project and to tell the story with light that distinguishes EPOS design as a strong voice in architectural lighting design today.
We think globally and act locally.


We are a team of lightung designers, architects, interiour designers, engineers and other highly qualified professionals – all with a passion for light.


At EPOS design we are inspired by all that is around us, especially the purity and yet sheer breath-taking quality of light in nature. How light changes through the latitudes and how this affects people both psychologically and physiologically.

We are also inspired to look to the future with new technology which allows us to breathe new life into a space, at the same time never ignoring the simple beauty of what went before.
The lines are blurring between traditional architectural lighting design and more theatrical and dramatic elements and more than ever, it is the role of the lighting designer to understand the project requirements and how to use technology appropriately.

Communication of concepts and ideas is essential to effective design. At EPOS we have assembled a team of multi-lingual designers to better enable our ability to showcase our ideas and tell stories.
We are inspired by natural daylight and have a desire to treat it as a friend and incorporate it creatively in our projects where possible.